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About Us

Beam Technologies is a modern, 21st-century real estate company founded with a vision to create meaningful, tangible, and local community impact. We are deeply passionate about the built environment and are focused on leveraging our real estate investing experience, underwriting, data science, and product development skills to realize our vision.

At Beam Technologies, we partner with professional real estate investors to define, test, and optimize unique investment strategies. Our real estate strategy intelligence engine is powered by our data platform which continually collects data and generates insight about all of geographic space in the U.S. at varying levels of geographic precision.

With our partners, we create the communities in which we want to live, work, and play by leveraging our collective assets and diverse perspectives.

Our Approach

As a modern, 21st-century real estate company, we hold the long-term orientation of fundamentals-driven real estate investors and execute at the speed of technology.

At Beam Technologies, we partner with professional real estate investors to define, test, and optimize unique investment strategies. Instead of selling market intelligence data, we deliver real estate strategy intelligence by leveraging our proprietary platform to put data into action. We help professional investors reduce risk and more effectively raise capital by evaluating the effectiveness and return potential of various investment strategies.

Engaged Partnership

We strongly believe in the power of aligned incentives and formally structure our investor engagements with partnership agreements. In every partnership, we share in both the risks and the rewards, aligning our compensation with our investor partners.

Strategic Value

We invest in our partners' success by contributing significant strategic value through our real estate strategy intelligence engine. Forward-thinking real estate investors who partner with us can leverage this asset to define, test, and optimize investment strategies.

Capital Commitment

Beam-Validated investment strategies may qualify for capital commitment, regardless of the length of the sponsor's track record. While we value track records, we also value validated strategies designed to execute novel investment ideas.

Strategy Intelligence Platform

Access Institutional-Quality Technology

Real Estate Strategy Intelligence Visualized

Cutting Edge Strategy Intelligence Technology

Our platform empowers real estate investors to visually design investment strategies and immediately evaluate their return potential and risk trade-offs. Real Estate Strategy Intelligence has finally arrived!

Thousands of Curated Data Points to Define, Test, and Optimize Investment Strategies

We have curated and aggregated thousands of data points from various sources to ensure a truly differentiate approach to investing in real estate. All of this data is available through our platform to help you define, test, and optimize your investment strategy.

Select From Thousands of Data Points
Assess Return Potential in Real Time Assess Return Potential in Real Time

Assess Return Potential In Real Time

As you define and refine your investment strategy on our platform, we crunch the numbers behind the scenes in real time to evaluate your strategy's return potential. We also compare its return potential to common industry benchmarks so that you see exactly how your strategy's performance measures up.

Understand and Measure Market Risk In Your Strategy

Gain greater transparency on how market factors can impact investment performance. Leverage these insights to evolve your investment strategy.

Understand Risk Understand Risk Underperformance
Overlay your data

Overlay Your Own Data To Fine Tune Your Investment Strategy

Got data, too? No, problem. Easily overlay your data on top of ours to extract deeper insight and optimize your investment strategy accordingly. You retain all ownership rights over your data even if you use our platform to define and optimize new investment strategies with it.


Create Differentiated Value with our Real Estate Strategy Intelligence Engine


Drive Investors' Confidence In Your Investment Strategy

With our real estate strategy intelligence platform, you can thoughtfully demonstrate and accurately communicate the return potential and level of risk associated with your investment strategy to your investors. This gives investors confidence that they are working with exceptional stewards of capital.

Raise more capital faster

Raise More Capital, Faster

Investors are more eager to commit to thoroughly analyzed and validated investment strategies. Accelerate your capital raising efforts with a validated strategy backed by real data science. If we're impressed by your strategy, we, too, will consider committing capital toward it.

Minimize risk of capital loss

Minimize Risk of Capital Loss

Minimize market risk in your portfolio by avoiding markets that are mis-aligned with your investment strategy. Increase your success potential by focusing more of your time and energy on sourcing high-quality opportunities in markets that truly align with your investment strategy.

Balance Risk and Reward

Maximize Risk-Adjusted Return

All investors want above-market returns. Savvy investors also seek to minimize risk in the process. With our platform, it is easy to experiment with different investment strategies, evaluating the trade-offs between risk and return with clarity. Maximizing returns while minimizing risk has never been easier.

Select the right markets

Select the Right Markets For Your Investment Strategy

Market selection is among the more important decisions for real estate investors. The most sophisticated real estate investors understand the importance of selecting the right markets. Leverage our platform to uncover sub-markets throughout the U.S. that truly align with your investment thesis.

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What a novel product! Very few in real estate are thinking on this level.
Real Estate Acquisitions and Development Entrepreneur

This platform is a game changer for commercial real estate investors!
$150M Commercial Real Estate Investment Fund

Beam is so much better than traditional data providers. They are true partners focused on real strategy.
Managing Principal
Multi-billion dollar Commercial Real Estate Investment Fund

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